JAVA Developer

Bangalore Posted On: 20 Feb

Job Description


  • As a Java Developer you will have to perform the analysis and design and implement one or more difficult projects, having significant latitude in performing technical work.
  • Have to Collaboratively work across other teams.
  • Regularly evaluating on the quality of the product you create and the code you write to ensure continued advancement of your technical skills in an environment that looks to expand them.
  • You will be designing the software, write code, assist with technology selection and actively remove obstacles.
  • Will be working on the following tech stack - Docker, Java, Spring framework (security model, dependency injection, events, resources, validation, data binding, type conversion, Data access, AOP etc.), Mock Test frameworks, PL/SQL and Liquibase.
  • Implement and improve the processes around DevOps, Agile, and CI/CD.
  • You will be developing applications using micro-services and the other cloud design patterns.
  • You will take care and have the strong, well-thought-out opinions on RESTful API design, including API versioning, backwards compatibility, authentication and rate limiting.


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